Sunday Stove aims at providing tasty yet healthy recipes from around the world. At Sunday Stove  we value your time, hence we keep our recipes crisp and short without lengthy stories. Since images speak thousand words, our posts are backed with snapshots of the recipe preparation stages.  Each recipe lists the preparation time, cooking time, and the cuisine type. Our goal is to make SundayStove.com a one-stop website for all your recipe needs.

Editors and Contributors

1. Kiran Kumar R

Kiran is a engineer by profession and works in a automotive company during the day. He is the founder of SundayStove.com and also the Editor-in-chief. He loves cooking healthy food, and likes to taste all types of cuisines. He loves Indian, Mexican, and Italian food. He lives in Ohio along with his loving wife and a sweet little daughter.

2. Divya Kiran

Divya is a home maker and she loves to learn new things all the time. Recently she tried her hands at knitting and crochet and found the handicrafts to be absolutely fascinating and gratifying. She is obsessed with low-calorie healthy cooking. She tries to sneak in some veggies even into breakfast recipes!